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The Path to Freedom

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When past experience, socialization, and expectation are in control of your life, you are caught in a "Cage of Domestication." You are not free to choose what you want. As long as you are caught in these patterns, future and positive change is impossible. The Path to Freedom teaches about energy, how energy is lost and how it is created. It teaches you that past energy that has been lost through events in your life has depleted your power and caused you to remain stuck in recycled patterns of behavior. Once you know these patterns and your lifeline, you are taught to use a tool called Recapitulation. Using this tool, you experience an effective way to let go of old patterning and reclaim the energy that was lost at the time of events in your past. When you let go of the old and allow new positive energy and personal power to return, you regain your freedom. The old patterns drop away, replaced by what is authentic and true for you.

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