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"You are not a drop in the ocean,

you are the Ocean in a Drop.   Rumi


Reclaim your wholeness! Recapture your uplifting energy and power!! You can create change that leads to happiness and health. You can let go of the fear that limits your choices.

Your natural state of Being is Free.

Your highest expressions are Joy, Love, Peace. You are born with amazing power, created by God and fully connected to God.


But, in the first few years of life, most of us forget who we truly are and fall into limiting patterns of conditioning taught by society, school, family, media. These patterns become ingrained and, like ruts in the road, we fall again and again into deeply grooved patterns of behavior. We lose the connection with what is real and who we are...

A Powerful Spirit having a human experience.


By letting go of these limiting patterns you become free of conditioning. You know, again, who you are.


Step onto The Path to Freedom and Transformation and experience your re-awakening and re-discovery of what life is like when you are truly free!



Learn to let go of fear

Discover how to be FREE!


Reconnect any pieces of your Soul that may be missing due to trauma, illness, surgery, death of a loved one, divorce, or extreme shock to your system. Your Soul can be fully intact and your power fully restored.


The Path to Freedom teaches a unique self-healing tool called Recapitulation. You can bring back lost energy and learn how to let go of the garbage that no longer serves your evolution.


Learning to Journey to your Helping Spirit(s) expands your awareness and teaches you how to communicate, and trust, the Spirit-guidance that is there for you and always has your best interest at heart.


In a sacred space, Spirit connects with you and shares healing energy, guidance, and wisdom. Ask and you shall receive.


My experience doing this work has been transformational to say the least! Years of indecision and addiction are gone, and wondering about my path in life is over. I am now clear. I highly recommend this work to guide you in finding the true you and obtaining the wisdom held by your Spirit.

The self-healing results are amazing!!​

Whitney // Bend, Oregon

Know Where You Are Right Now


"During my first journey, I made a profound connection with Spirit. Afterwards, I felt an amazing energy surrounding me. I am so grateful to know Spirit is always guiding, sharing power, and protecting me."


June in Morro Bay, California

Use the Tools that Change Your Energy


"We are so grateful for the house and land clearing and blessing. My husband and I were both feeling heavy, stuck energy in new our home. After the clearing, we immediately noticed the house felt happy and bright and has remained that way since."

Danielle in Bend, Oregon

Reclaim Your Power and Remember Who You Are


"Learning the Path to Freedom and practicing the tool of Recapitulation changed my life. I had no idea how profoundly stuck I was and how free I now feel to choose my own way in life. Incredible!!"


William, San Diego, California

If we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the Spirit.    Galatians 5:25

Navigating in Woods

"Incredibly healing experience! I feel whole and happy for the first time in a long time and I know myself for who I truly am. Now, I am free to make new choices."

— Chris, Entrepreneur in 
Bend, Oregon


"After my first Journey, I felt an amazing energy surrounding me. I made a profound connection with Spirit and I am so grateful to know, again, that Spirit is always there...guiding, sharing and protecting me."

— Cindy, Mother in San Diego, California




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